Posted by: CJ | February 24, 2013

Snob vs. Hipster: Is there a different? (David Brooks smackdown edition)

Is there a difference between snobs and hipsters? I can’t really tell, other than a stereotypical snob has money while a stereotypical hipster doesn’t.

The follow-up question: Am I being a media snob or a media hipster when I am filled with schadenfreude-happiness at David Brooks getting a fairly brutal (by journalist standards) smackdown on his recent Obama/Sequestration opinion piece? In a more just world, David Brooks & Thomas Friedman would cleaned up their opinion pieces or lost their job ages ago.

More broadly, I’m not sure what it says about me that (1) one of my great joys in life is seeing old media outlets die out, or (2) that I (sometimes) harshly judge people that take mainstream media outlets more seriously than Nick, Jr.. Outlets like NYT and Washington Post are infamous for being factually incorrect jackasses during the Clinton/Bush years. So I won’t even shed crocodile tears with their passing, and I certainly won’t believe something someone tells me just because they read it in some mass media source.

Not that there’s a single place I consider the gold standard. I believe in both reading widely AND weighting what you read by the trust-worthiness of the author. If you don’t trust the author then don’t believe it, regardless who published that author. As David Brooks and Thomas Friedman demonstrate on a regular basis.



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