Posted by: CJ | February 17, 2013

Wild Overgeneralizations: Migratory Patterns of the Human Female

Why are there so few females moving to the West Coast, at least compared to males. There are many stable, middle class jobs here. And, just as importantly, many single, stable yuppie males with those jobs as well. The sorts of jobs that provide ample time and money to raise a family. But there aren’t many females. And it’s easy to see there’s a mismatch–just look at any listing of “Best Cities to be a Single Female”.

(By contrast, there are horror stories about dating–from the female perspective–in the Washington D.C. area. There are too many professional, well-educated single females there relative to the professional  well-educated single males.)

As a wild over generalization  do females value relationships more than career opportunities to the point that they are less willing to move to far off lands–abandoning all their existing relationships–just to go hunting for the “right” career or marriage partner? Or is this symptomatic of fewer professional career opportunities for women in general?



  1. I really don’t have expertise in this area. Just thought id put a plug in for mail order brides. solves the issue and with some of the collapsed economies finding a nuclear physicist should be easier then ever…

    Just sayin

  2. I’ve already thought occasionally about bothering some of my east coast college friends to introduce me to any single friends of theirs that might be interested in moving to the west coast. However I’m not sure how I would even begin to ask that. Especially once I start layering on the additional strong preferences, like not working in a dying industry, having a major in some technical subject, being “pretty damn liberal but not stupid liberal” on the political spectrum, etc..

    Or I could just move to the east coast–probably Boston or D.C.–for a few years at some point to go dating in a pool that doesn’t perpetually annoy or disgust me.

    Then again maybe the nature of the dating pool around here will suddenly shift once I have a real job, am earning non-graduate student levels of money, and am working around other “real adults”.

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