Posted by: CJ | February 9, 2013

System 76

In the future do not buy laptops from the Kingdom of the Apple, for they oppress their software developers with their annoying toolchain and false unix hopes. 

Do not buy laptops from the Windowed Empire, for their developers are beloved but banned from following the path of the terminal. 

I shall buy a System76 laptop, and dwell in the warring *nix kingdoms, where developers are given free reign and ample materials to build dwellings for all or shoot themselves in the foot, according to their whims and needs. 

In fact I may make such a laptop a graduation gift to myself, to rid myself of this annoying apple laptop.

Though there’s the inconvenience that System76 laptops are all pretty heavy. No light, thin notebooks like Apple offers. I guess the obvious solution is to just get a System76 laptop and some sort of tablet. Not like I could use the laptop for serious development work anyways. The tablets even have some limited ability to compose text documents now, too, so there’s less of a trade-off between the light,thin notebooks and the tablets. 



  1. I wouldn’t buy from System76. Consider one of there competitors. The company sells crap. The hardware is ok. Not good for Linux though. They ship stuff that stops working and then won’t support it. They say “revert back to 11.10” as if that is good enough. 11.10 won’t get security updates though!!!!

    • Who are their competitors? I was under the impression that people were generally pretty satisfied with System 76 laptops and that there wasn’t much of anyone else out there specializing in linux laptops.

  2. I have an older Penguin Wee system from ThinkPenguin that works great.

    The FSF also has some suggestions:


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