Posted by: CJ | October 18, 2012

Not enough engineer talking heads

As the debates and election cycle reporting heat up, I’m reminded of my physical disgust and revulsion at the people we allow air time. Even Ben Stein looks more sharp, honest, and truthful than most of them. Ben Stein!

Why, oh why, can’t there be more talking heads that aren’t scientifically illiterate?

Why, oh why, can’t there even be more pundits that aren’t numerically helpless toddler-like balls of flesh.

There’s really no point in allowing them to breathe our good, clean air if they’re just going to foul it up with their idiocy.

And yes Malcolm Gladwell, I DO still hold that birdbrained “igon value” blunder against you. If you’re going to write about science at least have the decency to get an actual scientist to proof-read your manuscript. Particularly when the blunder you made was with freshman-level linear algebra for a scientist. Even the engineers–who physicists and mathematicians generally consider mathematically incompetent–know about eigenvalues by the end of sophomore year.

Egads and shades of HL Mencken…..


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