Posted by: CJ | September 16, 2012

I dislike cars…and yet…

I dislike cars. I can’t say I’ve ever really wanted one, or truly valued the independence people seem to associate with it. Independence is NOT having a car, and NOT needing one. Then you’re free of car payments, insurance payments, etc. etc..

But I’ve gotten to the point where not having a car is affecting my life. Getting to any non-campus social event takes as much time as the event itself. So it’s a lot harder to have any sort of social life, especially with people my age and sharing the same interests.

So it looks like after 10 years of avoiding it, I have to finally break down and get a car. Not for getting to and from the university–like most everyone else, I’ll just use the bus or bicycle for that. Just so I can actually go to a 1-2 hour social event without it taking 3-4 hours total.

What gets me is that I live someplace with pretty good public transit. At least for the United States. And I still need a car. What the heck are all the other millenials doing? Especially since so many of them are unemployed, or in so-so jobs. (After all, it’s been a recession for 4-ish years.)

What also annoys me is that I don’t like accepting this state of affairs. I accept that I need a car, because by now I value my time more than the combined price of the car, gas, insurance, and parking. But I don’t want to accept a world where that trade-off makes sense.

Sigh….IF we had denser cities, IF we had public transit that was faster with more routes and less time between pickup, and IF we had more people using the public transit instead of cars….then this wouldn’t be necessary. I wouldn’t need to get a car just so I could travel within the city to different events. I wouldn’t so frustrated/embarrassed about needing rides to/from most events. I could just use public transit, and that would be that.



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