Posted by: CJ | August 5, 2012

Useless journalists

When telling me about facts and figures, GIVE SOME *@FA$@& CONTEXT! You know, some actual information, like a responsible professional. If an agency revised their estimates, tell me what they were, what they now are, and put them in a historical and a global context. If that seems like too much work, I’ve got news for you: I can read, I can follow a report, and I know how to find that stuff myself. If you can’t tell me these things, I’ll get it myself. And I’ll just stop reading you.

The news industry needs to stop pretending to actually have content and just focus exclusively on celebrity trends. I mean, that’s already what they’re doing, but those small islands of non-stupid content must be stamped out because it’s really faux-content.

tl;dr: The new news is “news”. Their sins have been noted.


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