Posted by: CJ | June 8, 2012

A Recent Repeating Conversation

Recently I’ve had a repeating conversation with my roommate, once or twice a week.

I get annoyed about something and start ranting about it. Where the rantiness, on a scale of Phil Donahue to Klaus Kinski, usually lies somewhere between Dennis Miller and your standard Third-World nation despot.

He apparently feels such rants are a sign of emotional distress, and that I really should get a girlfriend for emotional stability.

I think he should stop and do a simple cost-benefit analysis.

Would I stop ranting just because I’m dating someone? No.

Would I stop hating stupidity in the world just because I’m dating someone? No.

Would I be more likely to rant due to the stress a relationship can cause? Probably.

Would my rants become even more acrimonious during difficult times in a romantic relationship? Almost certainly.

Whatever arguments can be made for greater happiness or emotional stability for me in relationships is not to be found in eliminating, reducing, or otherwise ameliorating my ranting.



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