Posted by: CJ | May 31, 2012

I ain’t no moderate

I’m tired of getting accused of being a moderate.

I think the reason is too damn many liberal things have gone mainstream.

Anti-war is now mainstream, so that ain’t good enough. Anti-banks is now mainstream so that ain’t good enough. Racial harmony is now mainstream, so that ain’t good enough. Hating repbulicans is now relatively mainstream with Mann and Orstein saying fuck ’em, so that ain’t good enough. Loving gays is mainstream so that ain’t good enough. Accepting various forms of government handouts (i.e. to old people for being old and to young people for being unemployed), limited forms of non-monogamy (at least in comparison to previous generations–serial monogamy and ‘dating around’ aren’t quite midwestern-marry-your-high-school-sweetheart monogamy), and immigrants is also pretty mainstream. Environmentalism is fairly mainstream, at least of the ‘let’s not burn the planet to a crisp’ variety. And other things, like prisoner’s quality of life and out of control police state, are issues supported by ideological conservatives as much as liberals.

It doesn’t help that people mistake me thinking teenagers generally need a good beating for conservative social beliefs rather than general hatred of humanity.

So what the do I have to believe to qualify me as a liberal instead of a not-stupid, not-fundamentalist moderate?

Seems like my major obvious qualification these days is the exceptional hatred I still hold towards moderates from the Bush and Clinton eras. I remember what they did, and I have not forgiven them. But it’s hard to keep talking about how moderates from those eras need a good auto-de-fe since people just can’t bothered to care about yesteryears’s treasonous idiocy or crimes against humanity.



  1. My problem is slightly different, but same idea; people assume I can’t be that liberal, because reasonable, intelligent people aren’t liberal. And note, people may be anti-war, etc where you are, but….um…..not so much here.

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