Posted by: CJ | May 23, 2012

Judging is not very charitable…

Judging people and publications on positions they held a decade ago isn’t very charitable of me.

And yet, even nearly a decade later, I hate reading publications that supported the Iraq War.

Basic intellectual honesty. If you aren’t willing to publicly say, “I was really ****-ing stupid and you should take everything I say on such topics from now on with a mammoth grain of salt”, then you didn’t learn a lesson from the Bush years.

I’m reminded of this as I explain to people, both younger and older than myself, why I refuse to take any major American daily seriously–and routinely call for their editorial boards to be fired, shunned, and/or tried for criminal negligence if not worse. I find it strange that anyone who is now anti-war thinks anything else.




  1. You’re crediting the American public with a longer memory than it has.

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