Posted by: CJ | April 17, 2012

facebook stalking

Yeah, sure, facebook stalking is creepy. As are the equivalent non-facebook things.

But…sometimes I’m just curious how much information I can find out about someone online. Not because I want to abuse it. I probably won’t even talk to the person. More just because I’m curious how much you can find out just using google…basically as a game. It’d be amusing and perfectly acceptable if it wasn’t real people. (e.g., comic book characters, etc..)

The reason this is on my mind? I got curious about another grad student. I would imagine anyone could have followed the trail I found. Despite the grad student not having any personal details posted about themselves, his parents’ church posted something about when he graduated from high school. A few google searches following up on the parents and moments later I’ve landed at his dad’s blog.

That was about the point I’d realized I’d accidentally crossed the creepy threshold.




  1. It’s only creepy if they don’t like you. If they like you its endearing and sweet. After all, I assume everyone has embarassing naked pics of themselves on the internet…. er… or could have.

  2. I’m not sure that is creepy–it’s almost creepier not realizing how easily information is out there that we don’t know is there. I could make a case that in some situations, it’s far worse to not follow the breadcrumb trail to see what a person is underneath their obvious, possibily groomed, identity.

    But only sometimes.

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