Posted by: CJ | February 19, 2012

A Hero of Our Time

It’s a scary thought that if Newt dropped out of the race then Santorum could actually be the Republican nominee for president.

WTF has happened when one is almost yearning for quality republican candidates like…..well….guess I have to go back farther than I thought. These guys almost make war-mongering, price-control crazy, ‘screw the law–I am the law!’ Nixon look good. Nixon may have been wrong on everything but China and Russia, but at least he wasn’t stupid or dogmatic.

(The title of the post is a reference to the Russian novel by Lermontov. It’s main character is an ***-****, an ***-****, and several other inventive combinations of asterisks strung together. And it pretty much summarizes my feelings on Santorum and Gingrich.)



  1. Nixon was scary in different ways, but more acceptable than the current crop…and that’s something I never imagined I’d say.

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