Posted by: CJ | February 10, 2012

Moral Guidance

IM with a cross-dressing coder friend.

Me: [Question about morality of interviewing someplace when I’ve just accepted a job offer elsewhere]

Him: Do the interview. I’ve done that before, then taken the other offer, and the people I’ve turned down still come back trying to recruit me. Also, I might be a douche.

Him: Hmmm….and I need to get a lawyer. My landlord thinks I have a girlfriend staying here because he’s seen me washing all my girl clothes, so he’s trying to evict me.

Him: Gotta run to pole-dancing class.

Me: Thanks for the moral guidance!




  1. Not to be flip, but would the same advice from Mit Romney make it sound better? 😉

  2. Apparently this is common in the tech sector.

    Another friend told me, essentially, “You should always be looking. It helps keep your skills sharp, know your value, and, who knows, maybe you’ll find something special.” He quickly warned me not to attempt applying the same reasoning to relationships.

    I’d rather not imagine Romney pole-dancing while dressed like a woman. If he can’t even pull off sounding like an enthusiastic and authentic presidential candidate, how’s he going to pull off a convincing pole-dancing queen?

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