Posted by: CJ | December 27, 2011

Not Necessarily Universal Assumptions

My mom just told me that, when I was young, opening Christmas presents was something of an all day event for me. I’d open one, play with it for several hours, and only then open another. And I’d do this with every present.

I sorta take that as yet another story to demonstrate to people how doing things in way that makes sense to me is generally quite radically different from what they would expect. Radically different to the point that if they want me to do something they can’t trust that I’ll do it the way they want unless they explain to me, in a quite detailed, specific, and complete manner, what they want and why.

Of course, this has both promise and problems for other people wanting me to do something. If they’re curious about alternative ways to approach something, or if they want to understand what assumptions they’re using that aren’t necessarily universal, just give me something to do and watch how I do it differently. If they just want something done the way they’d do it, well, they have a problem.


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