Posted by: CJ | September 11, 2011

MBTI again

Spending time in my internship this summer has given me a better feel for how to answer some typical questions on MBTI. Being in a party town and around actual yuppies instead of grad students and professors helped me figure out where I stand relative to baseline.

So I took an MBTI test again.

And the results are pretty unsurprising to anyone that knows me. I’m an INTJ. The only different part from any other time in the past is the percentages for each part are a bit more/less extreme than usual. It gives me

I: 100%

N: 75%

T: 88%

J: 33%

That’s a more introverted score than I think I’ve gotten before, but I’m realizing it’s pretty accurate. The others seem similarly reasonable. I guess the only difference from other times I’ve taken it is I’m trying to think more seriously about what these different aspects of my personality imply for what I should be planning for long-term.



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