Posted by: CJ | September 3, 2011


Up till a few days ago, I often felt jealous of other grad students I meet who went to school someplace with cheap housing, and who had the wherewithal and foresight to buy their own house.

But now? Not so much. Two of my coworkers, both of whom got their PhD 3 years ago, had bought a house during grad school. They figured they’d fix it up just a little and then sell it 3, 4, or 5 years later when the graduated.

Then the housing market crashed, and they were left with the choices:

  1. Keeping the mortgage even as they moved, and just renting it
  2.  Selling it for 1/2 the price they bought it for
  3. Foreclosing and taking the hit to their credit for 2-3 years

Anyways, I’m less jealous of owning a house now.

(Not that I really want one anyways. I hate yardwork, dislike cars, and don’t like dealing with plumbing/electrical issues. Since I don’t want kids or pets anyways, renting an apartment or condo is more my thing.)


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