Posted by: CJ | August 24, 2011

Sad or Comedy Gold: You Decide

My two roommates a few moments ago. For some context, the house I’m staying in has 4 people, including myself, and two dogs. Roommate 1 often leaves his door open so the dogs can wander in and out of his room.

R1 (Roommate 1): Hey, dude, I just found two condoms in my bed sheets. But I don’t use condoms…

R2 (Roommate 2): Oh, yeah, I do and the dogs got into the trash. I bet they dragged some of the condoms there.

R1 : Oh, okay. Ummm…..then would you get them off my sheets? I don’t want to touch some other dude’s used condoms….

R2: Yeah, Ok.

[R2 goes and gets rid of the condoms]

R2: I sure hope those condoms were mine…



  1. This is what living in a college dorm SHOULD have been like.

  2. For the record, I’m fine with dorms with many more bridge games than condom mishaps. I have to admit I think that’s the way it should be…

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