Posted by: CJ | August 7, 2011

Harry Potter 7.2

Saw the new Harry Potter movie. It was fun. Having watched the first three recently, the graphics were much more high powered and high quality. Impressive. And they didn’t utterly overdo it with the blue filter.

Though my questions about Ron and Hermione remain. And I’m confused as ever about how physically comfortable Hermione is with Harry. She rushes to him when she’s worried about him, she hugs him, she and Harry spend more time around each other than Harry and Ginny (whom Harry never seems to talk to), and at the end when the pan out from Harry, Hermione, and Ron, it’s Hermione in the center holding hands with both boys (who are flanking her on either side).

It seems like the only consistent and reasonable thing one could argue is that they’re all supposed to be young enough that they don’t really think about what physical contact means. But that argument doesn’t sway me terribly much when we’re talking about post-pubescent teens…



  1. It is different in the books. Harry and Hermoine act more as friends and Harry and Ginny have time for s’mores around the campfire. As far as the physically closeness, how about a poly relationship in it’s infancy. (a real one hinted at not fan fic). Or perhaps after being through that much perhaps it just doesn’t matter. I know when I was in H.S. All the people I hung around were more physically close then anyone I hang around today, including myself. Not sure it’s been a good trend.

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