Posted by: CJ | August 6, 2011

Your first thought at 8am on a Saturday morning?

I don’t know what most people’s first thought at 8am on a Sat. morning is. Mine usually is some combination of ‘I want to watch a cartoon’, ‘I need yogurt and fresh fruit’, and ‘It’s 8am and I’m awake? Fuuuuuu……’.

My new housemate’s first thought, apparently, involves ‘Dude, I’m awake and I’m not high. That’s gotta change.’

Fortunately, this time only the barest traces of pot smell came up to my room, so I could ignore it. Still….who thinks they need to be high at 8am?



  1. From my days of borderline alcoholism it is quite possible to want a drink when waking, well and upon breakfast and maybe on the occasion of going to the John… Get the idea? Probably your roomie is psychologically addicted to the escape it offers. Living for the escape is… a downhill slope. If it bothers you I would find a new roommate because until he wants to change it’s not going to.

  2. I’m only in the same house for the next 5 weeks, so I think I can stand it.

    And, honestly I mostly just hated waking up to the smell. Last weekend his extended lighting up left my room smelling like pot all day. I have a somewhat sensitive nose and don’t like strong scents. So it was a lot like if he’d played really loud music and then let it keep playing after he’d left.

    If he’s addicted to the escape, though, he’s not the brightest. He’s got a car and he’s in one of the more exciting cities in the US. What’s there to escape from? The nigh-endless possibilities? Well…I guess there’s the day star, but that one he’s just not gonna escape.

  3. You’ve never heard the term “wake and bake?” I’ve seen it done more than once.

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