Posted by: CJ | July 10, 2011

Female Social Dynamics

A character in a comic I started reading, a high school girl who just transferred to an all-girls school, wailed, “How do you determine who’s popular if there are no boys to impress!?” Is that actually how this high school female popularity works, at its core? Impressing boys? Or is more complicated than that?

I suppose the converse question is for boys is it as simple as impressing girls?

To some extent this is a stupid question, since popularity is determined by how much people think you’re popular. So of course someone that’s popular with the opposite sex will, in some sense, be popular. I guess what I’m really wondering is the extent to which within-group status is really entirely determined by the status people in another group confers. Or is it a more complicated combination of groups?

And how much does any/all of this stay true in college and post-college life?



  1. At least you didn’t limit responses to 100 words or less.People who study this could explain girl popularity better than me, but one thing that I think is clear is that girls determine which girls are “popular,” not boys–it’s an intricate dance.

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