Posted by: CJ | July 9, 2011

Don’t get it…

What is it that Hermione sees in Ron? And more to the point, what does she in him that she didn’t see in Harry?

This might be a difference between the movies and the books. But in the movies, Ron is the comic relief, more often than not. And who wants to date the comic relief? Someone who can’t do better, sure…but Hermione in the movies is not a shy and ungainly wallflower. At least in any of the movies past the first one.

So I repeat my original question….what does she see in Ron? And what does she see in Ron that she doesn’t see in Harry?



  1. That’s a good question, and not a simple one. First, in mythic terms, you change the story if Harry is love interest; Campbell’s hero is in a quest to find himself, not to find love.

    Also, remember that Hermoine is an only child, apparently with little family. Just as Harry is drawn to the normalacy of Ron’s big WIZARDING family, Hermoine seems to be too. Ron himself may not be special, but to Harry and Hermoine, Ron’s lifestyle is.

    AND—Ron likes Hermoine. Never underestimate the appeal of knowing you are liked by someone. Harry never seems drawn to her; Ron always reacts emotionally to her, even when he is griping about her in their younger years.

  2. Your hero quest comment I understand…but I also don’t think Rowling did enough to differentiate Harry and Ron. Think Star Wars. Even ignoring the fact that Luke and Leia are brother and sister, there are reasons to pick Han over Luke. Make the “other guy” have comparable skills or resources but in different areas. But neither of those really happen with Harry and Ron. There’s no area where Ron is clearly superior than Harry–not even basic emotional intelligence or existing resources. Other than, as you said, being the guy with the wizarding family to take Harry in occasionally. But who dates Ron over Harry because Ron has some fun family members? Since Harry spends as much time as possible with the Weaseley’s, you’d get those by dating Harry, too.

    Alternatively, you could argue that Hermione just doesn’t want to be involved with someone with as much on his shoulders as Harry. But if that was the case, then why hang around him and go questing with him?

    I guess you’re right that the most plausible explanation is that Harry, inexplicably, just doesn’t seem that attracted to her. He seems to chase after female characters weaker than Hermione.

    But all of this would make more sense if there were a few areas where Ron was clearly better than Harry. Things that obviously mattered and were meaningful to Hermione.

  3. Ron is better at normal, real wizard life. That’s a major reason both Hermoine and Harry need him–they are only children raised by Muggles. Ron is more “real,” and he’s their entry into the type of life they imagine they want.

  4. …and note, in the first book, Ron is much better at wizard chess than either of the other two. That implies a superior ability that Rowling doesn’t build on because she needed Ron to be the weaker foil in later books.

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