Posted by: CJ | June 4, 2011

A Challenge

Can you think of a tv series that was originally British, had an American remake of it made, and where the American remake was as good or better than the British version? Can you think of an example where it was worth watching the American version after watching the British version?

Why do I ask? Well, I’ve been running low on stuff to watch on netflix that excited me, so I finally went with my Grandpa’s advice and got the DVD’s for being human and watched a few episodes of Eureka. Eureka I have to be in the right mood for, but it can be amusing. Being Human…well, I didn’t realize there was an American and a British version. Netflix only has the British version, so that’s what I’m watching. I’m curious if it’s worth the trouble to look for the American version or not. (It’s on hulu, I think, but I currently have hulu blocked.)

And contrary to what my grandpa seemed to imply, being human isn’t just a quircky comedy. Is more like a dramedy, which I prefer over straight comedy. I suppose I should have just trusted grandpa when he decline to give details but said I’d like it. (Though in fairness, for any given idea for a show I trust BBC’s implementation a lot more than SyFy’s. And Grandpa was recommending the SyFy show.)

As long as I’m thinking about it, I should probably watch some Mad Men over the summer. Many people I know really like it. Usually my contrarian nature means that’s an instant turn-off for me, and it is, but I suppose I should trust my peer reactions more. So this is me trying to learn to do that.


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