Posted by: CJ | May 22, 2011

Crazy or not? It’s getting harder and harder for me to tell…

I’ve found a new person that says crazy stuff but makes all too much sense when I read it: Penelope Trunk. I’m adding her to my list of,” I and everyone else think this person is crazy, but I get a lot more out of reading them than the vast majority of sane people.”  This is new, because I hadn’t realized I needed a list of such people. Previously only Robin Hanson was on it.

This list thus far consists of people who are aspie-ish yet have devoted vast portions of their lives to thinking about and understanding people. In other words, the sort of people that can easily give me advice which makes sense to me. And, likely as not, is more valuable on average than other commenters’ advice.

I’m currently in the process of absorbing the main ideas of her online writings…I’ll probably give a semi-cogent summary sometime in the next few days.


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