Posted by: CJ | May 20, 2011

Getting old..

I appear to be becoming ever older. Or so my taste in pop music indicates.

Well, pop-ish music anyways. I finally decided last night that, having listened to my single album of the King’s Singers and Tallis Scholars about 20 times each over the past month, it was time to plop some money into iTunes and get myself some  new Renassaince music. Following my dad’s advice, I got some more Tallis Scholars and Chanticleer.

But I also stumbled on recordings by the King’s Singers of Always a Woman and Lullaby, both covers of Billy Joel songs. The recordings where the lead singer had extremely pure and clear vocals appealed to me much more than I would have guessed.  When my high school choir directed started to think that he declared he must be getting old. Apparently I am as well.

Now I need more Renaissance composers other than Byrd and Tallis to be listening to…


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