Posted by: CJ | April 27, 2011

No Hard Feelings

Amazon recently sorta turned me down for a position. But show there were no hard feelings, I used my tax refund to buy bunch of stuff from them. All stuff that I’ve been wanting for awhile, of course.

  • New stand-up lamp. The old one wasn’t quite bright enough and, even worse, gave off yellow-ish light. I really prefer white/full-spectrum light. Yes, it does give a vague thrumming noise…but I’ve actually started to find it comforting as long as it’s not too loud/distracting.
  • New bedside lamp. I have a desk lamp, but I’d been using my old stand-up lamp for bedside reading. (Makes sense since it’s at the foot of my bed.) But I don’t like the yellow-light, it lights up the whole room, and I have to get up to read it. I decided I really wanted a bedside lamp like I used to have in Ohio, a bright, white-light lamp that I could use when I wanted to feel like I was working/reading in the middle of the night. So far it’s made me surprisingly happy.
  • New dish drainer. Old one, which I’ve had for about a year, was bigger but had a nasty habit of water pooling underneath it on the counter. (It had a plastic board underneath that was supposed to drain the water to the sink. The new one is twice as expensive and smaller, but it has a little drain to actually send the water to the sink. I’ve only had it a couple of days, but it seems to be working out nicely.
  • New electric razor. I’ve had the same one for going on 5 years, and decided it was time for a new one. Especially since the new one would be informed by amazon reviews rather than “This is what Wal-Mart has that looks cheap and effective”.
  • New drying rack. Didn’t have one before, so odds and ends that needed to dry outside the dryer were unceremoniously draped over doors and chairs. I predict this will also make my life happier, though I haven’t had a chance to use it yet.
  • A technical book with some really fun looking stuff.
  • This book on men’s dress. It was pretty cheap used and seemed to be popular. And I decided I needed more advice in that arena.

It also turns out that I can probably get a new smartphone (which, again, I’ve been planning on doing for months) cheaper on amazon wireless than in the AT&T store….so I’ll probably be doing that too.

And that’ll be pretty much it for my tax refund. Well, other than eating out a bit more than usual lately. I’ve become good friends with a guy in another department I take classes in, and we routinely head out for food after class.

It’s unclear if this is actually stimulating the local economy, or even the US economy. I’d feel bad about not supporting local stores and all….but it’s a giant pain in the ass to buy and haul this stuff to my apartment without a car. It’s easier to buy it on amazon and have them ship it to me. Especially since as a student I’m getting amazon prime for free for a year. Not to mention the user reviews on amazon are invaluable for making good choices.


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