Posted by: CJ | April 17, 2011


I’m starting to get the feeling that twitter/social media stuff is really great for B-stars (including niche-market stars). It lets the B-level stars (who are usually very talented, just not the current center of attention) to interact and encourage their fan base. This is in comparison to the a-listers, who always have everyone’s attention if and when they want it (and usually even if they don’t). And yes, the a-listers use twitter too, but I mean the difference is they don’t benefit immensely from it. At least not yet.

What I’m unsure of it how far down the line this goes. Is it just as useful for everyone down the line, like c-list stars and aspiring stars? Or is it much more useful for those around b-level and not as useful for anyone else?

And is its usefulness only for stars in certain areas? Such as journalists, actors & authors? I mean, I can’t imagine what a serious economist, physicist, well-organized department (i.e. no changes on the fly, set schedules), or engineer would have for twitter/facebook. What those types DO find uses for are repositories of answers to common but random questions. Things like Stack Overflow (a mammoth boon to programmers) or the econo-blogosphere.

I guess what I’m getting at is the ability to connect with the larger hive mind in useful ways takes different forms depending on what sort of transfer is taking place in the hive mind. Stack overflow is good for answering actual questions where you have no clue who might know the answer. Facebook is good for simulating a room full of friends gossiping. I think b-list/niche market stars is one use where twitter is a decent form for the hive mind fusion. Is there some other use where twitter is a decent form?


  1. I like my twitter. I feel it is the most real in interaction terms. I follow lots of people I admire as well as friends. I’ve spoken briefly with Amanda palmer, Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis, Will Weaton, Depok Chopra, and others. Twitter IS a good forum for b-list personas your right, however what I like is that it’s easy to make connections and no one feels the need to be better than thou. Levels the playing field immensly.

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