Posted by: CJ | April 10, 2011

Space Between

I’ve started watching Veronica Mars on Netflix. Don’t know how much of the series I’ll ultimately watch, but while reading up on it I came across this quote from Kristen Bell (who plays Veronica Mars) on her roles:

“[I play tomboys because I’m] not homely enough to play the nerdy girl and not nearly pretty enough to play the pretty girl”

I don’t have any special point I’m going to leap off to make. It’s just interesting.

Of course, for many niches X there are always girls who are pretty enough and X enough to be the prettiest girl in the X people group. Being a tomboy is just one possibility.



  1. I looked at her picture. She could easily play the pretty girl–it’s a question of self-definition, not her looks. Could include personality, limits as an actress, and vocal type, too–I’ve never seen her. But it’s not the physical.

  2. I think it might be her height. She’s around 5’1″ or 5’2″.

    Then again, I don’t understand Hollywood beauty standards, so it could be something else, too. Or you’re right, it could just be what she’s chosen.

  3. Though the more I watch it, the more apparent it is that they were very much going for a Buffy feel. Smart-mouthed blond pretty girl befriending outsiders in a suburban California school while dealing with all sorts of nasty situations and trying to keep a semi-normal life besides.

    The characters in the ensemble are not quite as strongly defined as in Buffy, though.

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