Posted by: CJ | March 27, 2011

Anti-Evo Psych study

I hate Evolutionary Psychology. That’s one of the brands of pseudo-science psychology that claims to explain behavior based on evolutionary adaptations. They’re very good at justifying perceived behaviors between sexes or races and claiming they’re universal truths, constant as the Northern star. (Instead of products of environmental factors, like parental/community education level or poverty.)

So I was happy when a friend sent me this article about differences in casual sex acceptance rates between males and females. In a 1989 study they had a bunch of girls ask guys for casual sex and then guys ask girls for casual sex. (i.e., one night stands.) The acceptance rates were something like 75% when guys were asked and 0% when women were asked. The authors of the ’89 study concluded that men were evolutionarily adapted to spread their genes are far as possible, so to speak, while females weren’t.

The author of a more recent study (a not-clueless female) realized that there was a problem with the original study. Apparently females only orgasm about 1/3 as often in one-night stands as men. So a random one-night stand has a much greater guarantee of pleasure for the male than the female.

She redid the experiment taking precautions to make it so the askers were approximately the same level of attractiveness.

In an attempt to learn if gender differences toward casual sex can be eliminated, Conley conducted yet another variation on the basic “Will you go to bed with me?” experiment. Only in this case, the scenario featured one very attractive and one unattractive suitor: Depp and Donald Trump for women, Angelina Jolie and Roseanne Barr for men.

The result: Women were just as likely as men to agree to have sex with the attractive celebrity. They were also “about equally likely” to reject the offer from the unattractive but famous individual.

In other words, there isn’t much difference between how likely males and females are to engage in one-night stands. Just a difference in how likely they are to get pleasure from it.



  1. How would you not say yes to Depp? That seems as stacked as the other way! lol.

  2. Yeah, but he was paired with Angelina Jolie. I don’t know if it’s quite fair, but it’s at least in the same league. It isn’t like they paired up Depp with Rhea Pearlman something from Jersey Shore.

  3. I dont think this is a fair test, for example it only used 2 individuals for each gender. It only shows that woman are just as likely to sleep with extremely attractive celebrities as men are. The men used should not have been famous. Also there should have been a wider range attractiveness used. I would put a lot of money on a bet saying that if you used an average looking person or even someone moderatly attractive but not a celebrity, Then woman would be a lot less likely to go for the one night stand then men. I would have like to see a much more in depth study then this, this one really doesnt reveal much at all. In my opinion the reason why woman are much less likely to want a one night stand is down to social upbringing and the way society perceives woman as sluts but men who sleep around as heroes. Although i can see how there may also be a bit of evolutionary diferences in the biology of men and women that could also help make the difference even larger.

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