Posted by: CJ | March 22, 2011


Spent part of my afternoon learning MySQL, a database language. It was annoying to get setup on my mac–it’s really meant to run on servers instead of personal computers–but I wanted to since there were a fair number of MySQL compatible databases out there I can use for examples.

So what can you do with a bit of database knowledge? Well, it’s easy to get the full imdb database. And using that you can figure out answers to complex questions that even google can’t give you. Questions like, “What actresses have starred in a comedy since 2002?” Things like that, or, “What directors have directed Tom Cruise?” (The later is a longer list than I expected; 48 distinct directors, including pairings I didn’t expect. Hadn’t realized Cruise had ever been in a Coppola film, nor a JJ Abrams film. Then again, it’s been a several years since Cruise has tried to portray himself as a serious to semi-serious actor, like he did every so often in the 90’s.)

Anyways, that was my Monday afternoon.

My life has sure gotten more exciting since I blocked most news websites and comics on my computer. (Actually, it’s hardly that bad since I haven’t blocked netflix and still can read blogs on my smartphone. But it’s certainly made me more productive.)


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