Posted by: CJ | March 21, 2011

I’d like to point out…

Andrew Exun writes:

A Tomahawk Missile cost $569,000 in FY99, so if my calculations are correct, they cost a little over $736,000 today assuming they are the same make and model. The United States fired 110 missiles yesterday, which adds up to a cost of around $81 million. That’s twice the size of the annual budget of USIP, which the House of Representatives wants to de-fund, and is about 33 times the amount of money National Public Radio receives in grants each year from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which the House of Representatives also wants to de-fund in the name of austerity measures

One of many reasons I really dislike that anyone takes the idea of reckless liberal spending seriously. Wars are not cheap, bombing people are not cheap, and just because you’re spending the money on “security” or “freedom” does not make the money less spent.

Part of me thinks there have to be cheaper ways of disrupting a war. Just carpet bombing  an area with hallucinogens or whores seems like a cheaper way to keep soldiers too busy to fight.



  1. Yeah… It could be just me, but I’m pretty sure that any and all logic has been completely thrown out the window. Reacting to clear and present dangers is more like what can we do to give the United States Audience the “Real World” that amuses them most. I’m trying hard not to feel its a conspiracy theory perpatrated by low IQ’ed attention whores.

    • In fairness, it doesn’t have to be a conspiracy theory. It’s just the way the system is setup. Lots of air time to fill, people wanting entertainment, politicians needing to prove they’re doing something so they keep getting elected, and the ones that do get elected being pre-disposed towards showing they’re doing something. Well, and people being rich enough and well off enough that they aren’t going to go swarm and riot in the capitol, a la the Bonus Army.

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