Posted by: CJ | March 3, 2011

F*@%ing Awesome

The King’s Singers are awesome.

However, with a name like that I’d expect they’d be older than 1968. More like 1668, or earlier. I suppose not everything British can date from Shakespeare’s time.

Also, if people haven’t seen it, Kate Beaton’s Hark! A Vagrant is also awesome.



  1. They are awesome. If you want something American that is similar, check out Chanticleer or Straight, No Chaser.

  2. You do realize why they called themselves the Kings’ Singers, don’t you? It was
    “branding” of a sort… the original group of six had all been choral scholars in the world-famous Kings College Cambridge choir. (Like many of the other outstanding “collegiate” choirs in Britain, the Kings College choir is composed of boys who audition and go to the choir school, while the remainder of the ensemble — countertenors, tenors, and basses — are university students who serve as “choral scholars.” There are others, but Kings College is the most renowned.) Anyway, these guys got together and decided to make a go of it on their own. All these years and a zillion albums sold later, they are still touring the world even with many personnel changes.

    Yes, they’re absolutely amazing (I was lucky enough to catch them live once), but there lots of other amazing, amazing groups out there, like Chanticleer and the Tallis Scholars.

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