Posted by: CJ | February 27, 2011

My friends…

Two of my college friends are getting married this summer.

To give an idea of the people that I hang around, and also what liberal, well-educated 20-somethings are like, here’s how I got the announcement.

  1. They sent out a mass email to the webpage they’d made for their wedding. (And since one of them is a quite serious programmer, I believe they made the webpage themselves.)
  2. They felt a need to justify why they were getting married after dating for 6 years and following each other all over the country. Their reasoning was something like, “We think it’s a good way to express our love and to incentivize our future selves not to break up.” The one that isn’t a serious programmer is an economist.
  3. On their suggesting wedding presents page they basically said, “We’re actually pretty good. We’ve got plenty of stuff. If you want to throw money at us, how about throwing it at one of these charities we’ve listed instead.”

And this is after another pair of my college friends got married this past autumn. They had a no frills marriage. By which I mean their immediate families went with them to a court house to see the legal documents get signed and then have a nice dinner afterwards.

Anyways, thought I’d share. Given that this is how my peers in my age group approach marriage it seems much less weird that virtually none of them own a TV. The ones that do don’t have cable, though.



  1. #2 made me laugh sooooo hard. I kept it up on my phone all day to giggle at.

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