Posted by: CJ | February 23, 2011

Stan Rogers

How had I not heard of him? I love the couple of songs on YouTube I’ve found of his, “Northwest Passage” and “Barrett’s Privateers”.

Though listening to them online has reminded me of something. My mom and dad both do critical examination of long and short pieces in similar ways, they just do it for different forms. Broadly speaking. My mom does it for literature and my dad for music. But you have to realize what this sort of critical reading/listening isn’t passive. It involves listening/reading multiple times, looking for different meanings, and examining all the little details.

Which maybe explains why my preferred form of music is either easy listening drivel (for mood manipulation) or narrative pieces. And I listen to them…over and over…looking up words and references on wikipedia liberally. I don’t so much listen as assimilate.

Relatedly, in person performances do surprisingly little for me. That’s also related to my extreme introversion, but it’s mostly that I can’t dwell on something in motion.


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