Posted by: CJ | February 2, 2011

Random extended family notes

Meant to post this ages ago. Random notes from going home for the holidays and seeing an unexpectedly large number of extended family members.

  • I realized some basic world views of mine aren’t universal, just from my maternal grandma’s family. Things such as the primacy of storytelling and gregarious optimism as “how things should be”. Also that eating is an accepted vice, while TV isn’t really, and drinking/smoking really, really aren’t.
  • One (great) uncle is much more liberal, in the standard modern view of liberal/conservative, than my other (great) aunts and uncles. But it appears to not be because of anything as mundane as godless heathenism. Instead it’s a different interpretation of Christian duty. Specifically building community so that through unity those communities can protect themselves from being taken advantage of.
  • But in general that side of my family isn’t really liberal in the ways I am. Collectively, their policy preferences are usually quite conservative. The comparatively liberal ones are really more libertarian, excepting my mom, (great) uncle, and their respective scions.
  • My (older) sister has, moreso than I, ably inherited our Grandpa’s ability to say utterly hilarious things at the most inappropriate time. I’m not sure how jealous I should be.
  • I wish my (younger) sister would stop telling bragging to random people about me. Bad karma. No telling what forces or attention will get called down on me, and I certainly don’t deal well with surprises.
  • It was good to see my extended family again. Helped me appreciate how much I enjoy having them as a resource, just knowing they’re there. And also appreciate that it’s ok if I only see them every several years.


  1. I’d like to thank you for not mentioning me in this post! And I’m curious which thing(s) your sister said that made you aware of her “gift.”

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