Posted by: CJ | January 17, 2011

Jews, Christians, Marxists, Transhumanists…

When it comes to history and political economy, as opposed to bully-pulpit fiscal policy revivalism, Brad DeLong has some awesome posts. One of my favorites is this one. DeLong suggests interpreting Karl Marx as something of a Christian mystic. Basically, if you take seriously the idea that Christ was a damn hippie wandering around preaching equality, rather than commercial success, then Marx’s ideas seem pretty Christian.

Not to mention it amuses me a great deal to think of Marx as a latter-day Christian Prophet.

But looking at DeLong’s posts, it occurs to me that whether you’re Jewish, Christian, Marxist, or Transhuminist, you spend a whole lotta time sitting around waiting for things to change. For the messiah, be it a person, an institution, or a transcendence of the human condition, to show up and institute heaven on earth, in some fashion.

Which makes me wonder why some of them get so incredibly zealous and militant about who has the right to sit around waiting.



  1. ummm……the Hippie Marxist Jesus works for me, no prob–I’ve read the New Testament. But what’s a transhumanist?

  2. Eh, read the wikipedia page. The short version is people who believe strongly enough in technology, evolution, and the singularity that they think sometime soon we’ll achieve the next huge breakthrough technology that will let us transform to the next phase in human evolution where we leave our bodies behind. Or something like that, depending on who you talk to and just how crazy they really are.

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