Posted by: CJ | December 28, 2010

Scott Pilgrim and Aughts 20-something working class culture

I read the entire Scott Pilgrim saga a few days ago. It’s quick reading. It was fun, but overall wasn’t my sort of comic. The characters were underdeveloped, their actions seemingly random, many of them were generally irresponsible and silly, and overall I didn’t sympathize with them much at all.

That said, a number of the characters reminded me a great deal of the realities of working class culture for millenials. Number one, there aren’t terribly many great jobs. Number two, it’s not unusual to find that the girls are more motivated, more successful, more adventurous, more grounded, and more social than the boys. Number three, some of the boys (and a smaller number of girls) have a hard time understanding which parts of life are and which are not like a video game. Number four is that emotional, psychological, and relationship maturity is still very much a work in progress for many of them.

The above more or less summarizes all I got out of the comics, though. Fun, but mostly making me think of unpleasant realities.


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