Posted by: CJ | December 22, 2010

Dreams of Walter Mitty

It just struck me a few days ago that part of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty was thinking about people who seem really f@56ing boring in real life but who have rich lives in their head.

Why does this matter to me?

I’m worried it describes me. Or most academics for that matter. To other people my knowledge of subject X is utterly arcane, mystifying, and simultaneously boring and baffling. To me the subject so informs my worldview that it’s a real, tangible part of it. When I get bored I can wander off into my theoretical world and have adventures.

But these don’t seem to be adventures that are easy to share. And this is an affliction many academics seem to have. It makes us seem boring when we think we’re living exciting and adventurous lives. Some of us do, anyways.

This isn’t a life-shattering epiphany or anything. I’m just trying to work out the implications. Trying to decide if the implications include anything I didn’t already know…


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