Posted by: CJ | November 30, 2010

Guess it’s right in the bible…

I’m becoming less enthused with apple products lately. Steve Jobs seems to have a particular vision of how I’m meant to use my iphone, ipod, and macbook. His vision is that I use stuff only through whatever the software allows. My vision is that there’s a bloody working file system with a GUI so I can find whatever files I want and transfer them. That way I can easily save pictures that only exist on my iphone without having to email them to myself. (No, you stupid message board twits, not the pictures on the camera roll. A monkey could get those off. I mean the pictures that I transferred from the camera roll to my computer then put on iphoto on the iphone and, after a hard drive crash, only exist in iphoto on the iphone.)

Time to start packing up to head off to linux land, I think. It may be harder, but at least I won’t have to be constantly struggling to access files that ARE RIGHT THERE! Bloody visionaries and their bloody visions…I have no trouble understanding why Apple told Jobs to sod off in the early 90s.


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