Posted by: CJ | November 20, 2010


One of my…favorite…memories of a former roommate is the following.

It was spring and he was getting ready to move out, transferring to another school. He’d always described himself as a market conservative, and had been leaning more libertarian that entire year. In fact, he was reading Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged just before he left.

One question I had was what he was going to do with an electronic keyboard he’d gotten as a Christmas present from CostCo. He was moving across the country, so taking it with him was likely out of the question. Turns out he had an inspired idea. Apparently CostCo lets you return items for a full refund if you decide you’re not satisfied with the purchase. So, he took this keyboard he’d had for 5 months, and played several times a week that entire time, and returned it for a full refund.

Ok, this really isn’t about libertarians so much as being a jackass. But still, if doing that is something a libertarian can feel comfortable with, then I suggest “morally-bankrupt” as the King’s English pronunciation of “libertarian”.


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