Posted by: CJ | October 31, 2010

Getting It…

People with strong beliefs, like myself I suppose, spend a lot of time wishing everyone they talked to got it, whichever the it may be. Varies with the day.

Modeled Behavior, which is a good blog I don’t visit enough, gets it on one of my pet theories for an under-appreciated factor of why inequality has been rising over the past 30 years:

For the record, I think assortative mating and social stratification based on a host of income related personality traits – height, intelligence, beauty, gregariousness, grit* –  is a serious issue that no society has had to face in the same way that the US will face it over the next 40 years.

Of course, that was just a quick line while trashing a Charles Murray piece on the New Elite. (Everyone trashed it. And they were right. It was a stupid, not particularly thought-out piece of grumpy-old white-manism.)

Anyways, thought I’d pass it along. Now if we just understood the phenomena better, and how much it actually has or hasn’t contributed to income inequality, as well as how it effects the culture of different income/educational levels. (For example, doing a quick google search it appears that economists have studied this issue somewhat. But they’ve tended to limit themselves to looking at coarse educational level–just whether someone’s highest education level is high school, college, or graduate school. Things are obviously more complicated, but the question is whether those additional complications change the general picture much.)


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