Posted by: CJ | October 11, 2010

I am friendless and alone…

Or at least I bloody well must be since it’s been 3 MONTHS (!!) since the old spice guy commercials were put up on youtube, the little shorts responding to twitter messages, and NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT IT!!!

The Alyssa Milano ones are my favorite so far, though the Ellen Degeneres and Gillette ones are also great. Old Spice’s ad campaigns have been wonderful for the past several years. And, as every fine connoisseur of  ads must eventually decide, do I buy the product to reward the incredible ad-making prowess or do I keep from buying it to encourage the company to keep making high quality ads to woo my money? I guess I should make every other deodorant I buy Old Spice, but more often after the major ad campaigns.

It’s difficult work figuring out how to respond to ads to properly incentivize companies to make good ones.


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