Posted by: CJ | October 2, 2010


One of the comics I read, with some slight amount of shame, is Questionable Content. It’s basically a drama comic, where most of the plot revolves around people getting into and out of various relationships. It’s a popular comic, though the plot’s been kinda dull lately. I read it mostly because it’s a decent place for ideas/info about some how to’s and do’ and don’t’s of millennials and friendships, relationships, living situations, etc..

Anyways, now that I’m past the little intro I can post the two comics I thought people would laugh at. One of the current plot threads is about a cute, shy OCD girl (the ultra-clean type of OCD, mostly) going out on a “practice date” with a very suave, seductive male.

This first strip probably reminds people of at least a few conversations with me, if not more.

This second strip was mostly just interesting. I understand the idea of mystery or boundary-pushing as being attractive. But moving from a scientific theory-type understanding to an engineering perspective of using the theory to underly design principles and practice is a step I haven’t made. I’m unsure if that should change.

(The sad thing is I wrote the above paragraph without even realizing how ironic it was in light of the first comic. Only saw it while I was reviewing for typos and misspellings…)



  1. I’m so glad you noted the irony–I’m laughing too hard to explain it to you.

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