Posted by: CJ | September 27, 2010


A bunch of interesting links.

A bunch of very interesting black and white Pre-1950 photos of American cities.

A bunch of color photos from America between 1939-1943. Also very interesting.

A post with the title “How do I know if a prospective manfriend is the type to, um, pull my hair?” Amusing reading on its own, but also makes me wonder how common her mindset is, particularly amongst girls desiring a “good ol’ boy”.

A fascinating Robin Hanson post. Apparently 40% of high-end “sex-worker transactions” do not, ultimately, result in sexual acts. The client just paid to have someone to take on a date to listen to them. The figure 20% for lower-end sex-worker transactions.

Another fascinating Hanson post. The bottom line is that government-granted monopolies can be dangerous things in terms of general societal welfare. As true in the US as in Soviet Russia.

Conor Friedersdorf has very smart things to say about civil liberties at his blog at Forbes. We’ve been steadily chipping away at them, because of War on Communism, War on Drugs, War on Terror, and no politician in their right mind wanting to grant back privacy rights because of the nightmare it would be when another attack/disaster/betrayal of whatever sort happened. I really wish more voters could just decide to live with a certain amount of fear, uncertainty, and tolerance instead of voting to quash it out whatever the cost.

Good looks are a good investment.  The obvious implication is that plastic surgery is a good investment. This bothers me because, like most people, I have little issues. And I dislike those little insecurities that mount over time.


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