Posted by: CJ | September 23, 2010

Earth to CJ…

A problem that everyone has is realizing that other people don’t share their same assumptions about the world.

It’s an even worse problem with engineers, scientists, and other aspie-prone types because of Theory of Mind issues. Basically, we have trouble really groking that you don’t know what we know.

Anyways, had a moment like that today. Raised in a mixed-race community with social science-oriented family, it’s completely and utterly obvious to me that race could mean the color of your skin (boring interpretation) or the culture/community you identify with (more interesting interpretation).

If you run around with the right people for long enough you realize the same is true about gender and sexuality as well. It’s pretty independent of what’s under the hood.

This all is NOT, I repeat NOT, obvious to everyone else.

They’re all fine when you’re talking about “natural” hair color versus whatever they’ve had it died as for years on end, but the instant it’s race or gender understanding seems to leap out the window and up the street.



  1. Every conversation I can imagine that would lead you to post this is far more interesting than any conversation I’ve had today. There’s a chance my circle of friends is too limited.

  2. Or fits into the “thinks it’s obvious” situation that is described above.

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