Posted by: CJ | September 1, 2010

Things to stive for…

Brevity in blog posts.

I’ve read several posts–including my own–which are just too long. The worst ones are too long without including more content.

Mine tend to be too long because of too much content. Mine need sharper points before they can be cut down.

Tyler Cowen’s posts are brevity masterworks. But he rarely answers questions. Merely asks them in suggestive ways. This is effective, since his readers are self-selected to desire such postings.

Megan, who’s written at From the Archives, Rhubarb Pie, and On the Public Record, is one of my favorite bloggers. Her writing is funny, personal, informative, and full of questions. Like Cowen’s, it advocates an opinion in a way that lets readers convince themselves. And feel smart for doing so. Her writing is also to the point, but not unpleasant or unclear.

I wonder how consciously or how hard they work to obtain those effects.


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