Posted by: CJ | August 29, 2010

Raised Eyebrows

I had dinner with some friends after returning from a visit to see family. They asked how it was. I said I had a lot of fun, and read a lot. They were baffled why I’d travel across the country to read. (And, frankly, my family was slightly baffled, too. But in the realm of things about me that baffle my family, it’s not all that high. Pretty low, really.)

My basic response was, “Well, you know how some families have some thing that’s their family thing? For some families it’s sports, but it could be more bizarre things like gaming or travel or cooking? My family’s big bonding activity is media consumption.”  (Close competitors are food and politics.)

This got a few raised eyebrows. They were all set to be mildly horrified at the idea that we just watched a lot of TV, until I explained that it was rather academic and all encompassing–music, books, comic books, tv, movies, blogs, even fanfic. The looks of horror lessened.

However, the eyebrows remained raised.



  1. I’m feeling as if maybe we need to install a basketball hoop and start a ritual of a daily game…or something…..

    • Eh. These friends spent the next 10 minutes discussing how gender is really a continuum instead of a finite number of possibilities. I learned a new word though. Apparently intersex is a specific word for people that don’t exactly identify with either gender.

      So there wasn’t really a shortage of raised eyebrows.

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