Posted by: CJ | August 29, 2010

Full Circle

Apparently the old games from my youth, greats that have never really been improved upon, are coming back in fashion. The old Monkey Island games have been released for iPad and iPhone as apps. And this is after they’ve done the same with SimCity and the Final Fantasy series. Looks like I’ll get a second chance to finish all those games. As soon as I finally break down and get either an iPad or update my iPhone. (One, or at least I, wouldn’t think that 2 years would pretty radically leave a phone out of date. But apparently it is so.)

Just as importantly, it means those young whippersnappers are getting exposed to the culture of my youth. Sure it’s repackaged for touch screen and mobile gaming, but it also means they’ll get some of my gaming references. And, as we all know, you’re only as old as your cultural references.


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