Posted by: CJ | August 20, 2010

Age and Experience

A few years ago I read Aasimov’s Foundation series for the first time. In the first book a group of, for lack of a better word, nationalists are agitating for war. Not with any particularly great reason or goal, just agitating for it because it feels right. They think their nation should be top-dog, and don’t like the non-hierarchy of stable, peaceful trade. More or less.

At the time, I remember very distinctly thinking it was an odd and unrealistic idea. Sure, we’d had Iraq recently, but only after a massive disinformation campaign from the top.

Having watched all the Tea Party non-sense, and various war-mongers and “deficit-hawks” over the past few years, I concede I was wrong. Assimov was perfectly justified with his nearly one-dimensional buffoonish characters. They do exist.


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