Posted by: CJ | August 8, 2010

Good Vegan Food

A number of vegans I know are vegan for ethical reasons. They’re also super-cheap. Result: they eat crappy vegan food.

But I met a vegan foodie recently. Wonderful guy. We’ve eaten at two vegan restaurants recently. Here’s what I learned.

Seitan, or wheat gluten, can be cooked and makes for an awesome sandwhich. If it’s well-made.

Vegan desserts are very possible. Crusts are largely replaced with some sort of nut concoction. Fillings are a mixture of fruit and a nut derived cream. (Apparently you just stick nuts and water in a blender and let it go to get the cream.)

Anyways, it’s possible to eat quite well while eating vegan. And, most surprisingly, it’s even possible to do without eating only Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, and other various asian cuisines. The only real downside is both the sandwich and the dessert were about 1.5 times as expensive as a non-vegan version. I imagine I’ll try both places again.



  1. at Bowling Green at the Sundial they had a Vegan grill…. I lived there it was awesome-sauce.

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