Posted by: CJ | June 5, 2010

Pastrami, Egg, and Cheese on a Toasted Kaiser Roll

My grandpa is right about many things. However, he also offers his opinion on very many things, so I can neither confirm nor deny that he’s more right on average than most people.

But he was right about the New York-style deli a few blocks from me. Since my childhood my gold standard for fatty breakfast sandwich was McDonald’s sausage biscuit. I now renounce that as the sad, if perhaps vaguely approximating cute, cluelessness of youth.

In other news, I have determined that fresh rhubarb presents a clear and present danger to my waistline.



  1. You haven’t kept stats on Grandpa’s veracity? I’m surprised.

  2. im right about ALL things, follow my lead in ALL things except religon and dance, and life will be smooth gpaw

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