Posted by: CJ | May 5, 2010

Evaluation Forms

Here are some of the common criticisms from the past two semesters’ teacher evaluation forms. I’m just posting the negative ones because those are the ones I want to think most about–there were good comments on the sheets too.

  • I don’t engage the class enough.
  • I lack enthusiasm about both the material and teaching, and my voice is too monotonous.
  • I’m not open enough to student questions, and don’t answer them fully.

All of the above are from the students’ perspective, and there are retorts to each. Answering student questions in section is difficult; often their questions are either too difficult to answer without derailing class for 5 minutes and/or their questions are poorly worded/non-sense due to a misunderstanding (large or small) of the material. Some of those complaints are, I think, quite common to TAs. And, just as importantly, I’m a fairly low-key person with a naturally monotonous voice. So figuring out how to change that in a classroom setting is a project, not a minor change.

In any case, things to think about…


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